Tri-State Messianic Fellowship

Tri-State Messianic Fellowship

We are an Assembly of Believers to the Most High Creator of all things. We mostly reference Him as Yehovah, however with many dialects and translations we accept any name spoken on His behalf. We understand all of us as individuals are on different paths and time frames in His nation, and by Belief in His Son Yeshua (Jesus), we can endure all things. We hold the scriptures to be the only moral guide to life as we know it. We meet every Sabbath and are Set-apart to YHVH's (Gods) Appointed times. All things we speak and teach can be found in whats commonly known as the Bible. We use many different dictionaries and bibles in our studies and offer study for our children as well.

Please see our Contact page for more information on attending our assembly.
For information on YHVH's (Gods) appointed times, please visit our Appointed Times Page.
This program for your PC is a great tool to get in to in depth study and is free for your use. Just click the picture to get your free copy and any additional modules you are interested in. Or mysword for ANDROID and Logos Bible Software for iPhone.

We also have Men and Woman Bible Study on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of every month. The Woman's starting around 5:30 PM and Men's at around 7:00PM

The address is 3228 Hickory St, Catlettsburg KY 41129. The phone number is (606) 931-0998. Please call if you have any questions.

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